Trail update from Tim on the groomer

We just wanted to share with you a report we received last night from Tim  on the groomer concerning the local trails.

“Just got in and a quick update.

Got the OK today to have access to groom trail 76 and did it tonight. Such
a great trail thanks to Tom Fisher Logging. Yes we do have some closures at
times due to logging but in the end they sure make a nice trail which will
save volunteers many hours brushing trails.

One more day with the packer pan then will put the drag on and groom every

We will stake Oxtongue Lake soon. The huge amount of snow is causing slush
to come on the ice under the snow. Need more sled traffic to pack it down.
Its -15C now and going down to -27C. Hope it freezes the slush a bit.

The pictures are from Trail 76 tonight.

Good night from Oxtongue Lake.

Tim “

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